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Featured Athlete – Jacob Gardner

We are changing up our Featured Athlete section a bit and making it a Coach’s Choice. Thus, every once in a while a coach will pick an athlete that he or she feels deserving of the award.

Jacob Gardner stood out to me as a great choice for Featured Athlete. I started with him and his wife in Elements (Tracy, we still want you back). They were great to coach as they seemed so eager to get better at the movements. I have seen him progress gaining a lot of strength and a great deal better mobility. He competed for the first time last month and surprised himself with his performance. He is always eager to work hard, as he often texts me about coming in extra over the weekends. Although he has been with us for only a few months, he fits in well with the spirit of CrossFit Empirical. That is, he works hard, is eager to learn, and plays hard. Jacob, you inspire me to work harder and make coaching a pleasure.  — Craig

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Featured Athletes – 2 Year Anniversary

Congratulations to all of the athletes who competed in our 2nd Annual CrossFit Empirical Competition. Three athletes were chosen for their extraordinary abilities.

Lynn was named most inspirational athlete for 2014. Her excellent attitude and perseverance toward every challenge she faced was why she was honored.
Lynn - Most Inspirational

Amit was named most improved athlete for 2014 for his amazing efforts and transformation.
Amit - Most Improved

Briana was named most improved female athlete for 2014. She has made amazing changes in her health and life since starting CrossFit.
Briana - Most Improved

Featured Athlete – Allie Scott

We would like to announce Allie Scott as our featured athlete. You can see Allie working out most every night. Allie“Allie is an absolute pleasure to work with on a daily basis. She is not only extremely dedicated but she is a motivator. She is constantly encouraging and helping others reach their goals as she reaches her own. On any given day you will find Allie at CFE working so hard to be the best she can be. She recently did her first CF competition and I truly believe she “Released a beast from within”…….that really excited me because there is no telling what she will accomplish next! Jenn CFE” – Jenn Allie is known by everyone for all her hard work

“It has been great to see all of Allie’s accomplishments. She is a great example for others and she displays great dedication. Her passion for improvement is inspirational. “ – Craig   “Well deserved is the first thing that comes to mind when hearing about Allie being named athlete of the month! Not to take away from anyone else who has been putting in work as well but to recognize her efforts thus far. From classes to two-a-days, kicking ass in the Bootcamps and doing amazing in her first competition she earned it every step of the way. Never complaining and most importantly cheering her fellow athletes along the way, she motivates, inspires and proves to be a positive influence to those around her. Congrats Allie! #ProudCoach” – Gui Allie Scott 1I love seeing girls like Allie in the gym.  Her strong minded character and mental toughness has brought her to where she is at today in CrossFit.  With only a few months in, she has already competed in her first CF competition, which is an obstacle and huge accomplishment in itself.   She comes into the gym determined and always wanting to do better.  With an attitude like that it will take her further then even she can imagine.” – LisaAllie has always been positive and enthusiastic since she stepped foot in the gym.  Within a couple months she was regularly hitting pr’s as well as competing in her first competition.  Her positive attitude and determination are a delight to see and I can’t wait to see how far she’s come along this time next year.” – Colleen


Featured Athlete – Gerard Bross

We would like to announce our very first featured athlete, Gerard Bross. Not only has Gerard undergone an awe inspiring transformation, but he always has a smile on his face and is such a big part of our community.

gerard2Gerard is by far the happiest Irishman I know. He is an absolute pleasure to work with day after day. It has been a privilege to be on this amazing journey with Gerard. His amazing weight loss and transformation is a testament to his daily hard work and deduction. Gerard is not only an inspiration to me but I can honesty tell you he inspires the entire CFE commUNITY” – Jenn

He is known not only for his great attitude but also his perseverance.

“I love this and that you chose Gerard!! I would have suggested him first if you hadn’t chosen him! Some of my favorite moments to see Gerard at the box are not only times when he is succeeding, but times when he is facing a roadblock, be it mental or physical. He seems to overcome any obstacle in his path, whether it is a lack of motivation or a skill he hasn’t yet mastered. It is inspiring to watch him persevere when he has a goal in mind!!” – Lindsay


“Gerard is a great example that self discipline works. No excuses. If you want something bad enough you can accomplish it. Gerard, thank you for the great attitude. You are an inspiration.” – Scott


“I have been with Gerard since day 1 of Elements and to say how proud I am of him is just the tip of the iceberg. He comes in to every class with a positive mental attitude, ready to absorb the “knowledge” that we as coaches try to pass along. To see how far he as come on his journey and knowing where he wants to go as an athlete is an inspiration!!” -Tim


One day I saw Gerard bringing in speakers into the lab. When asked about it, he stated that he tripped over the cord and blew the other ones. I think this example shows what a ‘stand-up’ guy Gerard is. He could have easily walked away, but he not only replaced them, but brought in much better ones…He is the epitome of quiet strength, as he has made incredible progress, but is the last to tell you of it. He is humble and always smiling. What a great member of the CFE community.” -Craig

Gerard4Gerard’s Transformation

The moment Gerard walked through our doors he was a breath of fresh air.  Hearing his story of his weight loss was inspiring not only to us coaches, but to everyone in the gym.  His dedication, drive and positive attitude is infectious and reminds me of why I love my job.  He is new to Crossfit and watching him do the Open this year made me so proud as a coach to see his athletic improvement.  Excited to see where this next year takes him!” – Lisa


“Gerard is an exemplary member whose mental outlook I wish I could clone. Always a smile, always a thank you, even when I give him some brutal WOD or skill to work on. He has an infectious good nature and persistence that everyone benefits from.” – Jay