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Barbell For Boobs

CFE will be doing the Barbell For Boobs WOD next Wednesday, October 15th ALL DAY during every class! Please bring a small donation we can contribute towards the cause and WEAR PINK….or else burpees lol

CFE will be dedicating this WOD to Sandy Wasserman she is the best friend of our dear member Lynn and is currently battling Breast Cancer. Our thought and prayers are with her!

We have also created a fundraising page. Please help us re post and raise awareness for this great cause!

Get Your Mind Right

Start conditioning your mind. Train it and continue to condition your mental game.

Negativity kills. So, having any type of negative thoughts or energy before you approach the rack or a workout will cause a miss in any lift and add seconds to any WOD. Telling yourself you are tired or you can’t do this will only slow you down and set you up for failure.

“But, how you ask?” Great question!2014-10-07

Get in your own zone, nobody else’s. Focus on YOUR bar and YOUR area. When the clock starts, bring YOUR focus to YOUR movement, YOUR positive thoughts and YOUR steady breathing. You own that shit, so you need to walk up knowing that and telling yourself, I got this!

Your thoughts and emotions will simply make or break your performance, regardless of your physical capacity. Start listening to what you are saying about the workouts or what you are telling yourself before you step up to that rack before a heavy lift. Is it negative? “This is too heavy, this is gonna suck, I’m not feeling it today”. Instead try to choose a positive mantra for yourself like, “I got this, f**king keep moving, or my favorite stay strong!” Whatever it is keep your stare intent and focused in YOUR zone.

Your outcome will be defined by your good or bad mental choices, not by how quickly you can move weight. When you walk into the gym recognize that you’re the athlete, you have the ability to control and choose your confidence level, positive thinking, your encouragement to yourself and others and ability to persevere through tough spots. The athletes who are able to make the best choices about these mental components are the ones who will have the best results.

Get Your Mind Right

by Lisa Warrentumblr_lyx1qwtYsa1qfg4g6o1_500

Farewell from Craig

My hope was to write a goodbye message right before leaving, so that I could sneak out quietly. I am shy and I didn’t want to make a big deal out of leaving. However, Jenn has now made my plan impossible. 🙂

I am extremely thankful for the opportunity that Jenn, Lisa, and Jason provided. It was great to have their confidence in allowing me to coach, while also allowing me to have a place to play and learn. We are very lucky to have such great owners. In every meeting I had with them I saw their genuine concern for members. It is definitely not an act. They opened the gym because they thought they could do ‘it’ better. By ‘it’ I mean create a great community with excellent coaching. I think they are accomplishing that goal. The three owners compliment each other very well. You don’t want Lisa to be coaching you if you don’t want to work hard that day. Jenn is the heart of CFE. Jason and I could talk for days on strength and conditioning philosophy (we still have a long agenda Jay).

The coaches at CFE are excellent. It has been great for me to sit around and talk technique, programming, and other strategies. I have seen constant professionalism and genuine concern for our members. Our coaches are the real deal. We talk about you, but it is all concern with how you are doing (“so and so has an anterior pelvic tilt, we need to stretch…”). Our coaches are there because they are passionate about coaching. They coach in their free-time, where they could be doing many other things. Jenn used to get mad that I didn’t pick up my paycheck. I told her that I should be paying her. I think our coaches feel the same way.

The glue of our community is our wonderful members. In coaching Elements, I was able to see many of you begin. I am constantly amazed by watching the progressions. People often start off looking different and have less than optimal mobility and strength. It is a great honor to see people grow and make incredible life transformations. You truly inspire me and make me want to be a better person.

This message can’t convey all of the mixed emotions I am having. I will miss CFE and all its members greatly. It has been a very tough decision for me to make in leaving. I have a great opportunity at Mercer University, teaching for StrongFirst (so I hope to be back), as well as maybe opening a Strength and Condition facility in Atlanta.   Please don’t hesitate to contact me for anything. I would love to create a strength and conditioning program or help in any way possible. I hope to continue being a part of this great community and to see your continued success.

With sincere gratitude and respect,


(CFE as an infant;  it was about half the size)

Charity WOD

Once again we are overwhelmed with gratitude! Thank you to our amazing CFE community who all came out today for our Broward Housing Solutions Charity WOD. In just 1 hour we raised over $500 for an incredible cause! You guys are truly the best and always understand the true meaning of giving back. Great job today that WOD was brutal!

CFE Barbell for Boobs

It’s that time of year again….CFE will be participating in the Barbell for Boobs fundraiser! Our team name is CrossFit Empirical Ft. Lauderdale Please help us raise awareness and meet our fundraising goal if you can! If you want to do your own fundraising you can do so by simply joining our “Team”. Date of when we will do the official WOD will be released in the near future. Thank you for always being such a giving commUNITY! #CFEsavetheboobs                            CLICK LINK=