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Hello Athletes,

 Most of you have seen that we have been growing at CFE. Along with our growth has come new faces , many of which are brand new not only to our box but the CrossFit community. I mention this because our sense of community and drive to help improve not only our fitness but that of our fellow athletes will be called upon in the next couple of weeks. Many of you are now experienced athletes that posses substantial knowledge of technique and form. This is valuable information to those training along side of you. Some of you can remember back to when CFE was comprised entirely of new CrossFitters. Imagine having someone with your current knowledge, training along side of you back then, to give you extra feed back, encouragement or recommendations of what has worked best for them. Experienced athletes can’t take the place of a coach whose sole purpose is to guide you through a WOD, but they can certainly point a new athlete in the right direction. So don’t hold out or be shy. If you see someone new that is unsure of how to do something new to them , tell them what you know. To me this is one of the biggest differences between us and any other large corporation gym. We don’t stay to ourselves on a treadmill listening to Brittany Spears avoiding contact with others (except for Ian). We actively engage each other on how to improve our health and fitness in a commUNITY.  Many of you do this already and you are the reason CFE has the community that it does, THANK YOU!
With that being said, it is equally important for ALL OF US to remember what it feels like to be the last one done. Regardless if you are new therefor you are last, you are the only one doing RX so you are last or your simply taking it slow and steady so you are last, it does not matter. What matters is that we realize that it could easily be us in that position. Let’s not forget the golden rule at CFE. We are to never clean up and put our equipment away until the last athlete completes their WOD. We are a team and we are not officially done until we are all done. So the next time you finish up and you look around to see others still going and or struggling….walk, crawl, roll over to them. Whatever it takes, get over there and cheer them on. You would be amazed at how much that helps when you are ready to throw in the towel! Please remember how important this is and how it has created such a bond between us all! THANK YOU all for making CFE the best commUNITY ever! Big things coming in 2016……