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Hi athletes, the 2015 CrossFit Open is upon us and no doubt some of you have inquired about training for competition. Training for competition is a substantial undertaking that requires a big investment of time and personal sacrifices that goes beyond the requirements of our GPP( general physical preparedness program). If this is something you wish to pursue, there is an official competitors program of CFE that I would highly recommend you follow. The Lab at CFE was created to serve the specialty needs of all athletes at CFE, such as open gym, warm up area, specialty class, and competitive training. While all athletes are allowed to use the area to follow any program they wish or do extra work, we still ask that if a specialty class is going on, it is given priority of space and equipment.


Competitive training- as we said before, athletes are still welcome to use the Lab for whatever program or open gym work they would like, but if competitive exercise is your goal the following is for you. Coach Joe Byne has been the head weightlifting coach at CFE and has developed a program that is geared towards competitive athletes. Joe has done a great job putting together a program to hit all corners of our sport with an appropriate emphasis on weightlifting, which accounts for and transfers into higher scores than anything else in our sport.  Besides a great program , I cannot stress how important the group or peer environment is. This is what drives you to do more or to do it better. The same is true in our GPP class. -Jay

Coach Joe and I plan to ensure both programs foster the peer competition environment and help all athletes reach their goals. Below is a brief program description from Coach Joe.


 Competition Preparation:

Our main focus will be preparing for the CrossFit Open.


1. That’s how you get to the games.

2. Best forum for comparison against peers worldwide.

 Training Environment:

The importance of a strong training environment cannot be overstated.  My hope as the Steward of the Competition program is to help everyone get better as an athlete but also as a teammate and coach.  Please offer your insights to your teammates.  I expect it, they expect it and you should expect it.

Our goal is to compete in training everyday and to use every competition as training.  Register and compete in as many competitions as is beneficial.

*If it is a team competition, it is my hope that you will compete with other members of our team as your first option.


Programming Philosophy

Most Broadly Stated we will have a funnel approach.

-We will start very wide in terms of movements and modalities and work our way back towards focusing on the movements of the open when the season comes.

-We will be very heavily leveraged towards weightlifting style strength training as it has the highest carry over to CF.

-We will compete throughout the year in other competitions.  We will not specifically train for them.  All other competitions will be considered training towards the goal of performing better in the open.

The program is comprehensive.  As it pertains to other strength training you should not be doing additional work.  Example: Don’t do Smolov in addition to what we do.  Note: Endurance work (running, swimming etc) is not what I am concerned about here.



Our Athletes will only follow our program.

Don’t do some dumbass wod you saw on Instagram because it looks cool.

-We expect you to implement additional suggestions above and beyond the base program on how to improve.  If you have bad positions in a certain area and we discuss a drill to fix those positions I expect you to do that drill without it being written for you.  Then note in your log that you are doing these drills

-We expect you to ask for reasoning as to why we are doing what we are doing at any given time if you are unsure of the reasoning.

-We expect you to log all of your training in Wodify even stuff not included in the program…


What you can expect from me:

-I will be in the gym most nights to work with you.

-I will set the direction of the program but I will be constantly modifying the program based on the needs of the group and in some cases the individual.

-I will do my best to answer any question you have as to why we do something.

-I will be hard on you, I will ask for your best and question you when I don’t think you’re bringing it.



When the funnel is wide, compete in everything.

–       Triathlon, weightlifting, distance running, paddleboarding, swimming, cycling, whatever you want.  These things will all help you as an athlete.

As the funnel becomes narrow we need to focus on our sport which is CrossFit so by January each year we should only be looking at CF.