Olympic Weightlifting

The Goal

Enable all members of the weightlifting class to lift more weight.  Thus expressing increased capacity and efficiency in the Olympic Movements.


Broadly stated, the best way to improve at the Olympic lifts for CrossFit athletes will be to improve form and strength.  We suffer from bad form and weak positional and overall strength.


Improving the awareness of proper positions and execution of those positions throughout the movements.  I plan to use lots of conjugated movements to create positional awareness.  Example:  3 position snatches (high hang, mid hang at knee with pause, low hang below knee with pause)  Each pause will be in a position that typically is not felt during the pull because they are the transition spots but without strength and awareness we transition poorly and miss our finish position (usually out front for us beginners).

Positional Strength

Increasing overall and positional strength is imperative to becoming better lifters and CrossFitters.  We will squat and pull heavy every single workout.  These movements are the foundation of our strength.  Again positional awareness will be key and because of that expect to see lots of pause squats, tempo squats, 1 ¼ sqauts, banded pulls, deficit pulls and many more.  These will be grueling at the end of the workout but they will pay big dividends.  Additionally, we will work on lots of lower back strength so we can hold strong positions.

Who Should Attend

The class will be most beneficial to those who attend regularly.  The class will be moderately beneficial to those who attend relatively often.  The class will be very frustrating to those who jump in and out.  I will be programming through cycles which will incorporate both session to session progress programming and also percentage programming based on tested movements at the beginning of each cycle.
Everyone, I will make sure that everyone at every skill level is able to participate.  The goal will be for everyone to be able to do all the movements even if the weight is very light.  I would rather drill with pvc for a few classes than do heavier weight in restricted movements.  If you are worried please feel free to contact me with any questions I will help you scale it.
Effective January 1, 2017 we will now have Empirical Barbell Club. These Olympic Weightlifting classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7PM. Please be warmed up before class starts.  If you are unsure of how to warmup, please refer to this…