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We are changing up our Featured Athlete section a bit and making it a Coach’s Choice. Thus, every once in a while a coach will pick an athlete that he or she feels deserving of the award.

Jacob Gardner stood out to me as a great choice for Featured Athlete. I started with him and his wife in Elements (Tracy, we still want you back). They were great to coach as they seemed so eager to get better at the movements. I have seen him progress gaining a lot of strength and a great deal better mobility. He competed for the first time last month and surprised himself with his performance. He is always eager to work hard, as he often texts me about coming in extra over the weekends. Although he has been with us for only a few months, he fits in well with the spirit of CrossFit Empirical. That is, he works hard, is eager to learn, and plays hard. Jacob, you inspire me to work harder and make coaching a pleasure.  — Craig

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