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Start conditioning your mind. Train it and continue to condition your mental game.

Negativity kills. So, having any type of negative thoughts or energy before you approach the rack or a workout will cause a miss in any lift and add seconds to any WOD. Telling yourself you are tired or you can’t do this will only slow you down and set you up for failure.

“But, how you ask?” Great question!2014-10-07

Get in your own zone, nobody else’s. Focus on YOUR bar and YOUR area. When the clock starts, bring YOUR focus to YOUR movement, YOUR positive thoughts and YOUR steady breathing. You own that shit, so you need to walk up knowing that and telling yourself, I got this!

Your thoughts and emotions will simply make or break your performance, regardless of your physical capacity. Start listening to what you are saying about the workouts or what you are telling yourself before you step up to that rack before a heavy lift. Is it negative? “This is too heavy, this is gonna suck, I’m not feeling it today”. Instead try to choose a positive mantra for yourself like, “I got this, f**king keep moving, or my favorite stay strong!” Whatever it is keep your stare intent and focused in YOUR zone.

Your outcome will be defined by your good or bad mental choices, not by how quickly you can move weight. When you walk into the gym recognize that you’re the athlete, you have the ability to control and choose your confidence level, positive thinking, your encouragement to yourself and others and ability to persevere through tough spots. The athletes who are able to make the best choices about these mental components are the ones who will have the best results.

Get Your Mind Right

by Lisa Warrentumblr_lyx1qwtYsa1qfg4g6o1_500