Are you a recent Elements Graduate? Are you still feeling intimidated when it comes to knowing what to do next? Are you feeling overwhelmed and bewildered? Or, do you just wish you had someone by your side you could lean on for a little extra help and guidance?1014450_519237404826161_1026552373_n

Good News!!!

CrossFit Empirical is proud to announce our brand new Mentor Program. This program is designed to bridge the gap between novice and veteran athletes. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible at CFE while keeping you safe and free from injury.

CFE prides itself on our amazing commUNITY. Our members are always going above and beyond to help the newest members (and each other). We are honored to put their knowledge and caring to good use with our CFE Mentor program! Here’s what you can expect:10599465_679838675432699_6820897685096987803_n
Each time you arrive at class for your first few weeks the coach will assign you to one of our designated Mentors. No pressure, no worries, all this means is for that 1 hour you will have a “work-out buddy”. Your mentor will refresh your memory if you forget what a movement such as a Clean is, they will show you where all the equipment is, and they will encourage and push you to do your best! Don’t think this means the coach’s eye won’t be on you….we will still be watching and coaching and helping you through each WOD. Your mentor is there to simply put your mind at ease!

We welcome “Newbies” of ALL fitness levels and backgrounds. We understand that joining CrossFit can be very intimidating at first, that’s why your CFE Mentor will be there to help you learn the ropes (so-to-speak, no pun intended) as well as answer any questions. They are an incredible resource simply there to help guide you and be an extension of Empirical. We are very proud of this program and feel blessed to offer it to all new members!
This is completely optional (and FREE) and in no way is required to become a Member at CrossFit Empirical!