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  Hello athletes, wanted to bring up a quick point and highlight some recent articles (articles here) that have been written about gym culture or programs. As CFE has grown, so has the variety of classes offered. Athletes have grown as well and many of you want to do more to become better at CrossFit, especially those of you that want to compete. So with all of this variety and ever increasing athletic abilities, the question arises, “What class should I do or what program should I follow?” While I do advocate “the best program is the one you stick to.” I cannot stress enough how important our regular CrossFit classes, done with a group and led by a coach, are to all athletes.  This environment will provide support, camaraderie ,coaches cues and best of all, friendly peer competition. I myself follow our CompWOD ( Outlaw 1 week behind) and make sure to attend several main classes a week (especially the benchmark wods). While I do enjoy the more technical competitive training, recently I have had the most fun in our regular class with fellow athletes that I can compete against. So my simple message is no matter what special program or classes you attend in “The Lab” don’t miss the meat and potatoes of what we’re all doing and get to a CrossFit  class. If you have any other program questions or are not sure what is right for you, call me anytime or catch me in the gym. Jay